Gazette Political newsletter header

KCRG Coats for Kids

Iowa Prep Sports Mobile – This is the design I came up with that will be displayed on a cell phone when accessing the App. The logo was existing, I added the background.

This is a logo I came up with and submitted to my boss for consideration on a conversation box for gazetteonline.

Daisy & Cooper pet website powered by GazetteOnline.com. I couldn’t find any graphics I liked so I drew these in Illustrator.

Source Media Group’s partnered careers web site. A co-worker designed the logo on the left and I was tasked with building the website and header around it.

Backup logo for a partnered career website, just in case the partnership fell through.

Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival founder was a co-worker of mine and he asked me to update their web page and redesign the 2010 festival logo.

One of my first projects when learning to code. My band’s website.

I was asked by my son’s youth pastor to come up with some designs for their Youth Ministry Group. This is the one the Youth Group leaders picked.

Here are three other designs that were submitted to the Youth Group leaders.