Horizontal Pics

Amateur photography at best: I wanted to share some of the better horizontal photos I took while experiencing life. Click on each picture to view it at full size.



front porch sunrise tree-berries

meditation stones roots-over-rock

sky-tracks reflections

prints-in-mud perfect-snowflake

penford-sunset old-license-plate

grass-trail fall-weeds

fall-hills barn-lights

Mother Nature's forest river sunrise

hoer-frost cityline from Cherry building

Overlook at Loess Hills orange butterfly

firehoses roses_2010

winter's frost Brucemore balloon glow

winter blue thru the boughs

volga bridge Brucemore balloon glow

sunrays squirrel

smokey mountains c

sammy rainbow

baby cardinals Brucemore balloon glow

piney lake belted galloway cow

mystery my boy

Brucemore balloon glow Smokey Mountains

meditation leaf shadows

I see you iron bridge

Smokey Mountains foot bridge

fluffy clouds fence snow

feed me fall garden

coal and sammy shadow clouds

campfire below the falls

wood roof hand break

foot break peace love